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April 6th, Alberta Rose Concert (Billie Holiday Tribute)

April 9th, Scandals with Laurent Nickel Trio 6pm-8pm

April 11th, Corkscrew with Gordon Lee QTET

April 12th, Chehalem Cultural Center Concert 7pm (Music from South Africa and Jazz Standards)

April 13th, Phil Baker Trio, Eugene Hyatt Place

April 14th, Greg Goebel, Phil Baker, Brent Follis at Willful Wines in Vancouver 6pm-8pm 

April 21st, Loosewig Concert Jessie Marquez Quintet at the Kennedy School 7pm-9pm

April 25th, Cristos in Salem with Paula Byrne QTET

April 28th, Desert Room All Stars with Chance Hayden, Al's Den, 7pm-9pm

May 5th, Brent Follis with Joe Bagg and Garrett Baxter, Tualatin Library concert series 2pm

May 19th, Loosewig Concerts, Tom Grant with Tim Gilson, Jack Radsliff and Brent Follis, at the Kennedy School 7pm-9pm

June 23rd, Loosewig Concert, Dan Faehnle, George Colligan, Garret Baxter, Brent Follis, at the Kennedy School 7pm-9pm


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